July 30, 2020

My New Bumper Sticker

Subtle, but oh so satisfying. I wonder how many middle fingers will be waved in my direction😂

July 19, 2020

Sunday Stealing

More questions from Facebook. You can play along here.

  1. What's your favorite movie from your childhood and why? My brother and I LOVED an obscure movie from 1980 called Midnight Madness. Planned by gamemaster Leon, the "great all-nighter" consists of five teams of college students who are given clues to solve, leading them to the next clue, hidden at iconic spots throughout Los Angeles. Why did we like it? It was fun watching the teams work out the clues, sabotage each other, and race all over LA to get to the finish line first. Of course, one team (led by Stephen Furst, "Flounder" from Animal House) tries to cheat and the results are hysterical. To this day, my brother and I will randomly text "FAGABEEFE" to each other for a laugh😆
  2. What is home to you? Anywhere my family, and my dog, are.
  3. Do you get emotionally invested in stories (I'm asking about movies, books, tv shows, whatever medium you like your stories in)? Not as often as I used to. I think the last time I got emotional over a story or character was when Glenn got his head smashed in by Negan on The Walking Dead.
  4. What is the most physical damage you ever received without needing medical intervention (so no stitches or splints or anything)? When I was 11, I took a line drive to the face while playing third base in a friends/family ball game. I got smacked in the nose so hard it knocked the wind right out of me. Not being able to catch my breath was what scared me the most. It seemed like forever before I could suck air down again and finally cry out. My poor nose bled for a couple of hours, and when I woke up the next day, it was horribly misshapen and I had two black eyes to boot.
  5. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? YOU DANG WOODCHUCKS STOP CHUCKIN' MY WOOD! I love that Geico commercial.
  6. Do you have any obsessions? Like tv shows or cats or something? Not addictions. It sounds gross, but I'm obsessed with pus videos. One of my favorite shows is Dr. Pimple Popper. I'll even watch pus videos on YouTube before bed to relax. I love me some Dr. John Gilmore and Dr. Carlos Oller from DrERtv.
  7. What question or questions would you like God to answer? Why do bad things happen to good people? 
  8. Do you bite your nails? Not any more, thank God.
  9. What do you like about the place you live, I mean your housing, apt., mobile home, etc? Everything is on one level. It's in a quiet neighborhood. I live alone so I can decorate it any way I please.
  10. What do you like about the city or town where you live? To be honest, not much any more. Stores, restaurants, and businesses are closing down, and there's nothing fun to do here. About the only positive I can come up with is our crime level is low.
  11. Is there one place you have visited that you wish you could live there? Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. I love the history and the stories of the paranormal activity there.
  12. What's your favorite cookie to snack on? Homemade snickerdoodles or my friend Susanne's carmelitas.
  13. Are you an Apple person or PC type person and why? I use both. I like to use my PC to blog.
  14. What's your favorite things about the Zoo? Big cats, monkeys, and giraffes.
  15. Did you grow up in the country, city, or small town and what did you like about it (or hate about it if you didn't like it)? The first seven years of my life were spent in a small town consisting of 200 people. I didn't like it because there weren't many kids around to play with, and the only businesses were a bank, post office, and hair salon. After my parents divorce, my mom moved us back to her hometown, which had a population around 32,000. I liked it better because there were more kids, a huge municipal park, a drive in movie theater, a roller skating rink, fast food restaurants, and a bustling mall. Every 70's and 80's kid's dream. My dad moved to the country after he re-married, and as much as I loved spending time with him, I hated going to his house every two weeks because there was nothing to do. I read a lot. 
  16. What kinds of things were you into and do when you were growing up? Typical kid stuff, such as riding my bike, swimming, playing in my sandbox, playing with dolls and Barbies, etc. I also loved music and would spend hours at my little art table, listening to the radio or my records while I colored or drew pictures in my tablet.
  17. Do you enjoy receiving letters or postcards more, and why? I can't even remember the last time I received either one. Do people even send postcards any more?
  18. Do or did you know any of your great-grandparents? Tell me about them. I was lucky that I grew up knowing, or having met, four of my great-grandparents. My paternal great-grandfather died when I was three, so the only thing I remember about him was that he had hooks in place of both arms (he had lost his arms up to his elbows in a horrible farming accident in the fall of 1950). My paternal great-grandmother was about 4 ft. 9 and made the world's best snickerdoodle cookies. She could also quilt like a dream. My maternal great-grandfather was ornery and had a German temper, but he loved everyone and they loved him. He always called me "Peanuts". My maternal great-grandmother emigrated from Austria as a child and was very soft spoken and gentle. She made sweet tea that was all sugar with a little water...lol. 
  19. Do you like to be outdoors? What is your favorite thing to do there? Not really. I don't mind being outdoors on a crisp autumn day, but I prefer to be inside.
  20. Have you ever broken a bone or been badly injured? *knocking wood* No, and no. I'm kind of nervous now because my 2 closest relatives- my mom and my brother- have both broken their legs in falls. My brother broke his right leg falling down icy stairs in January 2019, and my mom broke her left leg this April falling down the stairs into the garage. I'm trying my best to avoid becoming the third member of a family "broken leg" trilogy.

Things That Made Me Smile This Week

  1. This sunflower bouquet from the local farmer’s market. My favorite flowers❤️
  2. A sales lady at Ulta complimented me on my “beautiful“ red hair.
  3. Someone in my Mom’s neighborhood has a window decal of Queen Elizabeth on their car and it makes me laugh every time I see it. It’s not the one pictured below, but it’s similar (their decal has Her Majesty in a yellow dress and hat).

July 18, 2020

Saturday 9: Flipper

Play along here.

Flipper (1964)

  1. Flipper ran for three seasons, from 1964 to 1967. Are you familiar with the show? Were you a fan? I'm familiar with the show and its catchy theme song, but I can't really call myself a fan. I did, however, enjoy the 1996 film version, starring Elijah Wood and Paul Hogan.
  2. Brothers Sandy and Bud consider a bottle-nosed dolphin named Flipper their pet. Do you currently share your home with any animals? Yes, I share my home with my eight year old pug mix, Backes. In 5-6 weeks, we'll welcome two adorable kittens, whom I've named Emmet and Gideon.
  3. Bud and Sandy's dad was Chief Warden Porter Ricks of the fictional Coral Key Marine Preserve. In reality, the show was filmed in Miami and Key Biscayne. When were you last in the ocean? What ocean was it? I've never been in an ocean. I don't swim in any water that hasn't been treated with chlorine. Ick.
  4. There was no single "Flipper". In close-ups, the role was played by a dolphin named Susie. While Susie was good at interacting with people, she had trouble with stunts, and sometimes a male dolphin named Clown was brought in for action sequences. Do you consider yourself more social like Susie? Or are you more athletic like clown? Neither. I'm an anti-social couch potato.
  5. Without looking it up, do you know the difference between a dolphin and a porpoise? Does it have something to do with a difference in the shape of their snouts, or is it a difference in their dorsal fins?
  6. Flipper wasn't just a tv pet. He was an industry! During the show's run, Flipper comic books, coloring books, and puzzles were very popular. As an adult, do you entertain yourself by reading comics, coloring, or completing jigsaw puzzles? The only comics I read are the daily strips in the newspaper. I don't have the patience for jigsaw puzzles, so the puzzles I keep busy with are all word based: the word jumble, cryptoquotes, and crosswords.
  7. The Flipper lunchbox was also a big seller. It came with a Thermos topped with a red cup.  Do you own a Thermos? No, can't say I do.
  8. In 1964, when Flipper premiered, it was up against The Outer Limits and The Jackie Gleason Show. If those were your only viewing choices, would you watch the family show about the dolphin, the sci-fi anthology show, or the comedy-variety show? (Or would you rather flip through a magazine?) I've heard The Outer Limits was a knock off version of The Twilight Zone, which I love, so I would choose the sci-fi anthology show.
  9. Random question: Which would you be more comfortable explaining: how a car engine works, the current IRS tax brackets, or the rules of baseball? I know diddly squat about the first two options, so rules of baseball it is.


This mask accurately conveys my attitude every time I have to leave my house and venture into public.

July 17, 2020

Brain Droppings, Part Three

Bits and pieces of randomness...

  1. My dad turned 77 on Tuesday, July 14th. On the Saturday before his birthday, the family got together to celebrate. My sister and her husband just had a pool installed, so we spent the afternoon swimming, soaking up the sun, and sipping the kick ass piña coladas my stepmother made. That evening, after a meal of barbecue pulled pork, corn casserole, baked beans, fried zucchini, and jello poke cake, we played a few rounds of Codenames. It was so much fun!
  2. My local YWCA re-opened after the July 4th holiday, so my best friend Kelly and I started back up with our twice weekly water aerobics class. I'm hoping that the extra activity will help jump start my metabolism, as I'm currently dealing with my first weight loss plateau. It's frustrating as hell.
  3. I bought new living room furniture. The new couch and armchair are scheduled to be delivered on July 20th, so I'm now faced with the conundrum of how to get the old couch moved out of the house and disposed of. The store saleslady gave me a list of charitable organizations that offer free pickup of furniture donations, but every single one I called turned me down when I mentioned there was slight damage on one of the couch's arms. Are you freaking kidding me?!?! My brother said he could help me this weekend, but I don't see how the two of us are going to be able to move it without giving ourselves hernias in the process. We might have to take it apart first to get it out the door. Stay tuned.

  4. My pug Backes had an appointment at the vet office to get his nails trimmed and I was horrified to learn that one of his back dew claws had become ingrown and infected. I had seen him chewing that paw incessantly, but just assumed it was his allergies making him uncomfortable. No wonder his Apoquel wasn't bringing him relief...poor baby! He's doing much better now that the claw has been trimmed and he's taking an antibiotic. I'm such a bad doggie mama😢
  5. I wasn't going to announce this until they were home with me, but I can't wait any longer! Meet my new kittens, Emmet and Gideon. They were born June 25, so it will be late August or early September before they’re fully weaned and ready to leave their mama. I've never had more than one cat at a time...any experienced multiple cat moms or dads out there who are willing to share tips or advice with me?


Other women when they highlight and contour their makeup:
Me when I try to highlight and contour my makeup:

Why can't I accomplish this? I'm a complete and utter failure when it comes to all things makeup and hair.

July 16, 2020

Thursday 13: 1927

Play along here.

Yesterday, my beloved Nonna (that's grandmother in Italian) celebrated her 93rd birthday! In honor of her special day, here are 13 facts about her birth year, 1927.
  1. The President of the United States was Calvin Coolidge and the Vice President was Charles Dawes.
  2. May 20-21: Charles Lindbergh makes the first solo non-stop trans-Atlantic flight from New York to Paris in his single-seat, single-engine monoplane Spirit of St. Louis. A ticker tape parade in his honor is held on June 13 in New York City.
  3. January 7: the first transatlantic telephone call was made from New York City to London.
  4. The average income was $1,313, a gallon of gas cost 20 cents, a dozen eggs cost 30 cents, and a movie ticket was 30 cents.
  5. Popular songs were My Blue Heaven (Gene Austin), Singin' The Blues (Frankie Trumbauer), and Stardust (Hoagy Carmichael).
  6. April 22-May 5: The Great Mississippi Flood affects 700,000 in the greatest national disaster in U.S. history at that time.
  7. October 8: The New York Yankees sweep the Pittsburgh Pirates, winning the World Series in 4 games.
  8. October 6: The Jazz Singer movie opens in the U.S. and becomes a great success, marking the end of the silent movie era.
  9. November 13: The Holland Tunnel opens to traffic as the first Hudson River vehicular tunnel linking New Jersey to New York City.
  10. September 18: The Columbia Phonographic Broadcasting System (CBS) is formed and goes on the air with 47 radio stations.
  11. August 23: After six years of appeals, Italian migrant anarchists Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti are executed for their part in the 1920 murder of a guard and a paymaster at the Slater and Morrell Shoe Company.
  12. October 28: Pan American Airways' first flight departs Key West for Havana.
  13. Celebrities born this year include: Eartha Kitt (Jan.17), Harvey Korman (Feb.15), Erma Bombeck (Feb.21), Sidney Poitier (Feb.20), Harry Belafonte (March 1), Coretta Scott King (April 27), Jerry Stiller (June 8), Neil Simon (July 4), Janet Leigh (July 6), and Rosalyn Carter (Aug. 18).


Why do stores even bother putting directional arrows on floors if people are just going to ignore them and go up/down aisles any way they want?